About SWOV
SWOV wants to contribute to improving road safety by using knowledge obtained from research



SWOV wants to make a contribution to promoting road safety by means of knowledge from scientific research.

SWOV is an independent, scientific institute. SWOV's knowledge is public information and is made available to anyone who wants it, and is professionally involved in traffic and road safety in the Netherlands. SWOV is a leading institute, both in the Netherlands and abroad, thanks to its knowledge and it's high quality research.




SWOV aims at inter-disciplinary cooperation internally, and with similar institutes in the Netherlands and abroad.

SWOV is easy to approach for all those professionally involved in traffic and road safety and pays a lot of attention to relation management.

SWOV listens to its surroundings when determining its research programme. What its target groups wants to know determines its activities. The interaction with the surroundings also occurs while carrying out its research

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SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research